Addiction recovery is an important part of fighting addiction and getting clean. You always want to have something there to allow you to move on with your life but for most, they don’t have an outlet to use.

Most people who are fighting addiction and those getting clean find they have nothing to really take their mind from their addiction but it will be needed.

Here are five therapeutic hobbies that can replace an addiction or at least get your mind from it!


Everyone and anyone can jog! It is one of the best methods to get your mind away from addiction and on the road to recovery.

Now, jogging is a light exercise but it will get you out and about enjoying the sights. You can jog for thirty minutes or however long you want to.

If you don’t want to go jogging outside, you can go to the gym and exercise there or even yourself a treadmill and start jogging in the house! It’s one way to get your mind onto addiction recovery and away from the addiction.

Go Outdoors and Get Your Gardening Gloves On

Gardening might not sound too appealing for most but actually it’s a great option for anyone to consider. When you garden, you have to be focused on the task at hand which means you have little time to worry about your addiction.

Addiction recovery such as this might allow you to feel relaxed and at ease being out in the fresh air. You can spend time planting new flowers, attend to the bushes and do whatever else needs fixed.

5 Therapeutic Hobbies That Can Replace an Addiction

Take Up Reading or Writing

If you love to read, then you can read until your heart’s content. Reading allows you to get lost in a story and motivates you to do something more with your life.

Of course, if you love your crime stories or romantic novels, you should have a few close by so that you can take your mind off addiction recovery and onto a story.

However, if you don’t like to read, why not try writing?

This can be a powerful form and it may allow you to get some of your emotions out and down on paper.

Get a Pet

If you love animals, maybe it’s time you thought about getting one. Why not get a little dog or cat? These can be lovely pets to have and even if you don’t have a large home, you can get a small dog.

If you don’t like cats or dogs, then maybe try a rabbit or even a fish!

These are great companions and when you’re on the addiction recovery road, you want to feel needed because your pets rely on you.

When you care for an animal, you can find it fulfilling.


There are lots of shops and charities that need volunteers to help them raise funds and just help them out in the local shops. This could be a good place for you to start.

You can volunteer at a charity shop and help raise the funds or even just volunteer to spend a day with the elderly folks at the residential home.

It could be an excellent way to giving something back to the community and it might help you with your addiction recovery because you’re focusing on someone else.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Action

Too many people want to get out there and do something but are afraid to do so because they think it’ll make them go back to their addiction.

However, if you are lonely and do nothing then you may be tempted. After addiction, there will also be temptations but if you take the time to maybe learn a new hobby, it might allow you to stay on the right tracks.

Addiction recovery is never easy but you can succeed when you put your heart into it.

For more hobbies for fight with addiction you can read these recovery guidelines.

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