If you suspect that you may be dealing with sex addiction, there are many options available that will help to addiction recovery. In addition to seeking therapy and joining support groups, you must do some things on your own in order to advance your recovery and win your life back.

Here are 6 steps you can take that will help you recover from sex addiction.

Admission to take control

Admit that your life has become unmanageable, and that your lust is now out of control. This is a close cousin of “admit that you have a problem,” but is much more specific. Before embarking on your journey to sex addiction recovery, you must first realize and admit that your life has become unmanageable due to your sex addiction and that your lust has now grown out of control.

This is not admitting defeat; rather, this is setting the ball rolling on your recovery.

Ready and prepared addiction recovery

Be sure that you are ready and prepared for the process of recovery, and make sure that you are seeking recovery for the right reasons. Recovery from sex addiction is no small undertaking. Anyone can recover from sex addiction, but those who truly are ready, willing, and eager to addiction recovery experience a much higher success rate than those who are pressured or unwilling.

Set goals.

In terms of your sexual addiction recovery, what do you hope to accomplish after a month, three months, six months, a year, five years, or longer? Recovery can take a long time, so be open to working actively on your recovery for a while to come. Even when you are fully recovered, you will still need to work to maintain your recovery and manage any slips.

Avoid the people, places, and things that trigger your addiction

If hanging out in a specific bar seems to trigger your urge for sexually addictive behavior, maybe it’s time to find a new hangout spot. If a certain friend of yours is just no good for your addiction recovery, this is a tie you might be better off breaking. It is immensely difficult to overcome addiction as a general rule, and it’s even harder when triggers surround you. Avoiding the things that ‘set you off’ will make the transition from sex addiction to recovery much smoother.

Take a moral inventory of yourself

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your values and morals?
  • Why do you believe in these things?
  • Why are they so important to you?
  • Have you remained faithful to your values and morals, or is there room for improvement?

This is not meant as a time to beat yourself up; rather, this is a time to sit back and look at how your morals fit into your life, and if you’re living according to your moral code. People are generally happier and more confident when they live in accordance with their beliefs.

Admit the exact nature of your wrongs.

Having sex is not wrong in and of itself. You must reflect on and admit the exact nature of your wrongs. Whether it’s “I cheated on my spouse,” “I led someone on,” or “I contracted an STI and didn’t tell my partner,” admitting exactly what you did and precisely why it is wrong is a very important step in realizing the impact of your actions.

Lastly for addiction recovery Seek professional care as experts in the field of sex addiction recovery are well equipped to help you overcome your addiction.

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