ADDICTIONS: Drug & Alcohol Abuse Complete RECOVERY Information

Who can give you the best information on drug and alcohol addictions?

Probably someone who has walked-a-mile in your shoes!

This website is for people like YOU who want regular, consistent and reliable information from people who have been-there-done-that and now live happy, joyous and free in Recovery, one-day-at-a-time.

We created this website for YOU…to provide YOU with daily, weekly and monthly resources of fresh up-to-date relevant information.


90 and 90

90 Days and 90 Ways To Get Clean & Sober

The 90 and 90 program is a complete Christ-Centered, Faith-Based VIDEO 12-Step addiction recovery program for 12-weeks (90 Days).

The 90 and 90 Program also includes 12-Inspirational Study Guides with multiple lessons on each step. In each guide you’ll discover how to take practical steps each day to conquer the stronghold of addiction and how to live a victorious life in recovery.

The 90 and 90 Program is available online or in a DVD Series

ONLINE: Each week for 12-weeks you will receive by email a direct LINK to a private website that will include the VIDEO Step and Study Guide for that week. ONE STEP EACH WEEK, for 12-weeks starting TODAY with

DVD Series: You will receive the entire video course on 3-DVD’s, plus you get the 12-printable “Inspirational Study Guides” and 5 FREE BONUS products on CD-ROM. The DVD Series will be mailed directly to your location of choice. (Please allow 2-week delivery)

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New Release!


Addiction Bible Scriptures

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Now for the first time, ALL the
Addiction Bible Scriptures
on recovery are in one ebook.

No more searching, no more wondering where to find every single scripture on addiction and recovery.

Questions you’ve always had about where
to find specific scriptures just on drug and alcohol addiction and other compulsive habits, are now ALL answered in the
Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook.

Isn’t it time to tap into a power greater than yourself?

Addiction Bible Scriptures has targeted ONLY those scriptures that talk about addiction and recovery. You’ll discover how the GRACE of God revolutionizes your life when you realize that God has already forgiven your past, present and future.

Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook includes…

  • 47 Topics
  • 243 Pages
  • 1,832 Scriptures
  • Both Old and New Bible Testaments (NIV Version)
  • All 12-Step Program Bible Scriptures

You’ll suddenly realize that God is doing for you what you cannot do for yourself! Click Here To See!

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12 Steps And The Bible

A Biblical Guide To Addiction
Recovery And Healing

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12 Steps And The Bible is an
extremely enlightening 82-page
step-by-step entertaining guide
for people seeking to release
God’s power in their lives.

What makes the 12 Steps And
The Bible
so unique and different is…
it goes straight-to-the-heart of the
addiction and deals directly with the root of problem.

You’ll discover why once you condemn yourself, you are doomed to repeat the cycle of addiction again and again.

As you apply each of these twelve steps faithfully, God will strengthen you and you will come to “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

The Above It All Equine Therapy Program helps individuals relearn responsibility and by caring for an animal helps them gain introspection of themselves and their actions that other programs don’t provide. The horse has no judgments of the individual only seeking their attention, allowing the recovering addict refocus their energy and awareness. Equine Therapy, or Animal Assisted Therapy, rebuilds and develops the mind and spirit of an individual who may feel that both have been broken.

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Drugs, Brains And Behavior – The Science Of Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease that affects individuals, families, and communities. This ebook provides information
about the disease and the basic approaches that have been developed to prevent and treat it.

How Much Is Too Much?

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a problem. Alcoholism is a disease that usually gets worse unless it is treated. Find out in this the early signs and symptoms of alcoholism. Do you have a drinking problem? Take the CAGE test and find out.

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Bob and Shelley
Founders/Recovery Network

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Addictions BLOG
The Addictions BLOG keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website.
DRUG ADDICTION – Complete Substance Abuse Information
Complete Drug Addiction – Everything You Need To Know
Prescription Drugs – Cause and Effect
Prescription Drugs – OxyContin, Percocet, Xanax And More!
Generation Rx
Generation Rx – Teens/College Students Prescription Drug Abuse
Illegal Drugs – Cause and Effect
Illegal Drugs – Heroin, Cocaine, Meth And Ecstasy
Signs-Symptoms Of Drug Abuse and Addiction
Signs-Symptoms – Family, School, Physical & Emotional
Teen Drug Abuse
Teen Drug Abuse – Drugs That Teens Are Abusing
Inhalants and Solvents- Teen Drug Abuse
Inhalants and Solvents – Teens Abuse Household Products
Drug Statistics And Facts
Drug Statistics and Facts – National Surveys And Reports
Alcohol Addiction and Abuse
Alcohol Addiction and Abuse – Could It Be YOU?
Signs of Alcoholism
Signs Of Alcoholism – Facts and Statistics
Signs Of Alcoholism In Men
Signs Of Alcoholism In Men – Top 10 Warning Signs
Binge Drinking
Binge Drinking – Adolescents And College Students
Alcohol Statistics
Alcohol Statistics & Driving Under The Influence
Teen Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
Teen Alcohol Abuse – What to Look For
Sex-Drugs-Alcohol Can Carry Serious Risk
Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse
Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse: Men, Women & Children
Depression – Alcohol & Drugs
Depression – Alcohol & Drugs
Codependency – How To Stop Controlling Others And Start Caring For Yourself!
Self-Esteem – Improves Relationships, Experiences And Thoughts
Pregnancy Substance Abuse
Pregnancy Substance Abuse & FAS
Stress – Connection Between Stress And Substance Abuse
Drug Alcohol Counselor
Drug Alcohol Counselor – Professional Substance Abuse Help
Christian Counseling
Christian Counseling – Faith-Based Counseling For Drug And Alcohol Abuse
INTERVENTION Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Intervention – Be Proactive
Drug Alcohol Detox
Drug Alcohol Detox – The First Step
Teen Depression
Teen Depression – Alcohol & Drugs
Teen Suicide and Depression
Teen Suicide and Depression – Warning Signs
Teen Self-Esteem
Teen Self-Esteem – Parents Can Foster Self-Esteem In Their Teens
Drug Alcohol Rehab
Drug Alcohol Rehab – Choosing A Rehab
Drug Rehab
Drug Rehab – Treatment Options
Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol Rehab – Choosing The Right Alcohol Rehab
Teen Rehab
Teen Rehab – Don’t Delay
Christian Rehab – Drug & Alcohol
Christian Rehab – Faith Based Drug & Alcohol Recovery
Holistic Rehab
Holistic Rehab – Mind, Soul & Body
Christian Drug Rehab Center
Christian Drug Rehab Center – Let God Change Your Life!
Christian Alcohol Rehab
Christian Alcohol Rehab – CHRIST CENTERED Alcohol Treatment
Rehab Virtual Tours
Rehab Virtual Tours – Video Tour Of 90 and 90 Program
How It Works – Online and VIDEO Addiction Recovery Program
How It Works – 90 and 90 Program
12 Step Program
12 Step Program – It Works If You Work It!
12 Steps And The Bible – A Biblical Guide To Addiction Recovery And Healing
12 Steps And The Bible – Extremely Enlightening And Powerful Approach On Working The 12 Steps
12 Step eCourse – Changing The Way People Work The 12 Steps
12 Step eCourse – 12 Step Program With A Christ-Centered Approach
12 Traditions
12 Traditions – Maintaining Unity
Relapse Prevention – Drug & Alcohol
Relapse Prevention – How To Spot Triggers
Health And Nutrition
Health And Nutrition – Diet And Exercise Helps Substance Abuse Recovery
Stress And Spirituality
Stress And Spirituality – Family, Friends And Life Purpose
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders And Substance Abuse – Anorexia, Bulimia And More!
Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders – Substance Abuse, Social, Panic And OCD
BiPolar Disorder
BiPolar Disorder – Signs, Symptoms And Triggers
Self-Help – Building Self Acceptance And Self Esteem
Drug Alcohol Videos
Drug Alcohol Videos – Video News On Addiction & Recovery
Alcohol Videos
Alcohol Videos – Encouraging Recovery Stories From Alcoholism
Addiction Bible Scriptures
Addiction Bible Scriptures – 12 Steps And The Bible
Contact Us
Contact Us – We Want To Hear From You!
About Us
About Us – Take A Look Inside
Free Ezine
FREE Ezine – Monthly Newsletter Emailed To YOU That Is Helpful, Entertaining And Informative!
YOUR Page – Tell Us Your Story Or Write A Web Article
Prevention – Drug & Alcohol
Prevention – Drug & Alcohol
Addiction And Nutrition
Addiction And Nutrition – Alcohol, Drugs And Junk Foods Are Toxic!
Teen Eating Disorders
Teen Eating Disorders – Shame, Secrecy, Poor Self Image
Intercessory Prayer
Intercessory Prayer – Praying And Believing All Of Your Prayers Will Be Answered!
60 Seconds Of Truth
60 Seconds Of Truth – Spiritual Nuggets To Help You Succees!
Advertising – High Success-Rate Drug And Alcohol Rehabs
Advertising – Generating Traffic For High Success-Rate Treatment Centers
Resources – Addiction Treatment Providers For Recovery
Introduction eCourse Manifesto 12 Step Program
INTRODUCTION eCourse Manifesto 12 Step Program
Teleseminars – Addiction and Recovery Teleseminars
Teleseminars – Information On How To Break The Bondage Of Addictions
Donations – Help us spread the Good News of Recovery to the sick and suffering.
Relapse Prevention Ebook – Staying Clean And Sober
Relapse Prevention Ebook – A Guide For Relapse Prevention
Link To Recovery Network
Link To Recovery Network – Link Your Website To The Recovery Network Website
90 and 90 – 90 Days and 90 Ways To Get Clean and Sober
90 and 90 – 90 Days and 90 Ways To Get Clean and Sober
Work From Home
Work From Home – Start Your Own Profitable Home Business
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy – Our Commitment To Your Privacy
Miracle For You – 5 Signals That Guide A Miracle Delivery
Miracle For You – Breaking Through To The Blessed Life!
Amazon Sobriety Mall
Amazon Sobriety Mall – Addiction Recovery Gifts & Merchandise
Sobriety Mall
Sobriety Mall – Addiction Recovery Gifts & Merchandise
Christian Recovery Group
How To Start a Christian Recovery Group
Addiction Bible Scriptures Ebook – ALL The Addiction And Recovery Scriptures
Addiction Bible Scriptures Ebook – A Complete Guide To ALL The Addiction And Recovery Scriptures In The Bible!
Rehab Guide – Life-Transformation Addiction Recovery
Rehab Guide – A Complete Guide For Drug And Alcohol Recovery
40 Cures For Hangovers – How To Feel Better Fast
40 Cures For Hangovers – 40 Proven Ways To Cure Hangovers
Staying Clean and Sober
Staying Clean and Sober – Relapse Prevention Guide
recovery coaching
Recovery Coaching – 30-Minute Recovery Coaching Call
Teen Addiction Recovery
Teen Addiction Recovery – Helping Teenagers Recover From Addictions
EverSmoke: E-CIGS, Best Electronic Cigarettes, Vapor E- Cigarettes
EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes: Best tasting e-cigs. Top rated vapor electronic cigs that feel and taste like real cigarettes.
Purchase Control Alcohol
Purchase Control Alcohol

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