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2018 Changes In Drug Testing Laws

Workplace drug testing is an issue that continues to cause concern and debate in many industries. There is a clear need to ensure that all workers operate in a safe, productive manner. A workplace free from intoxication through drugs or alcohol. Employers have the right to test those putting others at risk.

But, what about a random screen and pre-employment testing for marijuana and prescription painkillers? Recent developments with drug laws and testing options mean it is time for re-evaluation in some areas.

There are two critical areas of debate right now: marijuana and opioids. Both items have led to pressure on regulators and employers with different outcomes. … Read More


Learn About The Significance Of Genealogy Test

Some individuals have particular explanations behind following their family tree.

Others hop into family history research without giving it much thought.

Knowing why individuals examine their progenitors can be a wellspring of motivation and backing for conducting a Genealogy test. This can be especially imperative when the unavoidable barriers and block dividers turn into an element.… Read More

Alcoholism Treatment or Rehabilitation

Getting Ready for Alcoholism Treatment or Rehabilitation

Nobody would ever tell you that entering an alcoholism treatment or rehabilitation program is easy because the road to recovery can be a very rough ride.

While preparing for a treatment program, you have the opportunity to get to know more about the process. Enough preparation before the process you will later on go through will increase your chance to succeed and finish the program faster than expected.

So how do you prepare?… Read More

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Common Genealogy Mistakes

What is genealogy?

As the name indicates it somehow that it is the study of genes or generation, the word is basically from the Greek language that means generation’s knowledge. It can also be said that the family history includes all the information like for example start and end of a family. It is basically the study of families that trace the ancestors or lineage of the family, that from which lineage they belong. The things that genealogist use for making it are as follows:

  • Analysis on the basis of genetics
  • All the possible historical records
  • They use the interviews of the family members
  • Then it is compiled in the form of a chart or maybe written narrative.


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Drug Testing

The Common Myths About Drug Testing

When it comes to drug tests, there’s a lot of myths that people believe that’s true, that’s in fact not true at all. It is important to know the truth around drug testing to make sure that you know the facts from the myths. Here are some of the common myths about drug testing that you should know about.

Not all drug tests are accurate because there are some false positive results

Most of the drug tests that are being done are accurate. The facts are that more than 99% of all drug tests are really the truth. There’s no such a thing as a false positive result.

The reasons for this large number of accuracy, are the technology … Read More

Alcoholism Treatment Options

Understanding the Many Alcoholism Treatment Options

Do you know of someone addicted to alcohol and you’d like to extend a little help by providing this person more information about the various alcoholism treatment options?

Men and women around the world understand that it’s very difficult to deal with alcohol abuse not just for the addict but also for the people around him.

Watching how a loved one destroys his or her life through alcohol abuse is very challenging and painful. It can lead to many health issues, including heart attacks, strokes and behavioral health problems such as contracting STDs/STIs.… Read More

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What To Do After an Alcoholism Treatment Program

So you’ve graduated from the alcoholism treatment program in the rehabilitation center—congratulations!

Not a lot of people are able to say goodbye to alcohol addiction. And now that you’re able to graduate from the program, the challenge is how to stay away from temptations and avoid relapse triggers.

Sure, you should be very happy – or probably you’re not even sure what you feel because of mixed emotions.

You may be asking yourself how you would be able to start a new life now that you’re going home. Take note that the cravings and temptations are sure to come up and you may be afraid that you won’t be able to stay sober.

There are ways to avoid a relapseRead More