5 Stages of Addiction Recovery

The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery

According to experts, addiction is a condition where one’s use of substances such as drugs and alcohol is compulsive and interferes with the normal life of the affected individual.

When one is addicted to a drug or substance, he or she is dependent on it. As a result, individuals focus more on the consumption of the drug or substance even at the expense of their social lives, family relationships, work and sometimes even health.

Addiction recovery is often a hard and daunting task that requires time, patience, resilience and most of all, determination.… Read More

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6 Tips to Help with Sex Addiction Recovery

If you suspect that you may be dealing with sex addiction, there are many options available that will help to addiction recovery. In addition to seeking therapy and joining support groups, you must do some things on your own in order to advance your recovery and win your life back.

Here are 6 steps you can take that will help you recover from sex addiction.… Read More

Addiction Withdrawal

5 Natural Ways To Treat Addiction Withdrawal

Treatment For Addiction Withdrawal

Recovering from an addiction to drugs and substances such as alcohol often requires devotion, commitment, and persistence. One of the most difficult stages of recovering from drug addiction is the detoxification stage.

Detoxification is a process that attempts to eliminate traces of drugs and substances from the body. This often results in a situation where the recovering addict has to deal with withdrawal symptoms that can be quite severe at times.

Recovering addicts may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as:… Read More

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What Are Alcoholism Treatment And Recovery Programs

For a lot of individuals, developing an addiction to alcohol can be the first sign of problems in their life. Although one of the first obstacles that come because of the drinking is physiological problems and hangovers, they soon develop into more serious issues. Alcohol addiction and recovery programs provide mental and physical assistance to people who are suffering from alcohol abuse and, help them to recover.

From the constant loss of money and debt to developing a tolerance for alcohol, there is a lot to be lost by those who do not believe in treating alcoholism early on. Denial of the addiction and abuse is perhaps the most difficult to cure in a number of cases.… Read More

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What Should You Do When There Is An Addict In The Family?

Addiction can be as crippling and painful for family and friends as it is for the addict. While many loved ones want to do all they can to help addicts, they can do so at a detriment to themselves.

Dealing with addicts is tough and a family support group needs to know when to step in and when to step back.

The following tips are designed to provide help and perspective for managing addiction support.… Read More

Alcoholism Treatment or Rehabilitation

Getting Ready for Alcoholism Treatment or Rehabilitation

Nobody would ever tell you that entering an alcoholism treatment or rehabilitation program is easy because the road to recovery can be a very rough ride.

While preparing for a treatment program, you have the opportunity to get to know more about the process. Enough preparation before the process you will later on go through will increase your chance to succeed and finish the program faster than expected.

So how do you prepare?… Read More

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Common Genealogy Mistakes

What is genealogy?

As the name indicates it somehow that it is the study of genes or generation, the word is basically from the Greek language that means generation’s knowledge. It can also be said that the family history includes all the information like for example start and end of a family. It is basically the study of families that trace the ancestors or lineage of the family, that from which lineage they belong. The things that genealogist use for making it are as follows:

  • Analysis on the basis of genetics
  • All the possible historical records
  • They use the interviews of the family members
  • Then it is compiled in the form of a chart or maybe written narrative.


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Is Drug Addiction a Developmental Disorder

Is Drug Addiction a Developmental Disorder?

An interesting study held at Yale showed that showed drug addiction should be regarded as a development disorder in hence to achieve addiction recovery, we need to study the changing teens brain circuitry that leave the teens vulnerable to the effects of drugs as well alcohols.

How drug addiction really works in your brain

As a recent study performed by a doctor at the Yale school of medicine shows that addictive drugs works by stimulating some parts of the brain that are prone to change rapidly – especially in adolescence.

This forms the basis for effective teen studies of addiction recovery.Read More

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5 Therapeutic Hobbies That Can Replace an Addiction

Addiction recovery is an important part of fighting addiction and getting clean. You always want to have something there to allow you to move on with your life but for most, they don’t have an outlet to use.

Most people who are fighting addiction and those getting clean find they have nothing to really take their mind from their addiction but it will be needed.

Here are five therapeutic hobbies that can replace an addiction or at least get your mind from it!… Read More

Alcoholism Treatment Options

Understanding the Many Alcoholism Treatment Options

Do you know of someone addicted to alcohol and you’d like to extend a little help by providing this person more information about the various alcoholism treatment options?

Men and women around the world understand that it’s very difficult to deal with alcohol abuse not just for the addict but also for the people around him.

Watching how a loved one destroys his or her life through alcohol abuse is very challenging and painful. It can lead to many health issues, including heart attacks, strokes and behavioral health problems such as contracting STDs/STIs.… Read More

Important Predictors of Success in an Addiction Recovery Program

Important Predictors of Success in an Addiction Recovery Program

To succeed in addiction recovery, there are numerous variables that really influence the program.

The influences are divided into two that is factored into the program, as well as factors within the individual patients in the recovery programs.

There is a lot of research going on in regard to determining the factors that contribute independently regain among addicts.

In this blog, we have composed a few of the variables that have been brought out in various studies, including they’re positive as well as negative outcomes they try to predict.

Addiction recovery: length of treatment

The length of treatment in an independence regains program influences a lot. Research on the topic suggests that drug addicts generally will need at most … Read More

Recovery and the Art of Not Trying

Recovery and the Art of Not Trying

Addiction recovery is never going to be an easy thing for most.

There are millions of people each and every year who suffer from some form of addiction to taking drugs to consuming alcohol and no matter what it may be, addiction is dangerous.

Most people don’t realize that alcohol can be just as dangerous as drugs and vice versa; however, every addiction is filled with danger because you never truly know where it will lead.

The Power of Addiction

When someone is hooked on something, whether its alcohol or drugs, they find it can be hard to escape. It doesn’t matter whether its prescription drugs, having a bottle of wine every night or being a hard-core users, addiction is Read More

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What To Do After an Alcoholism Treatment Program

So you’ve graduated from the alcoholism treatment program in the rehabilitation center—congratulations!

Not a lot of people are able to say goodbye to alcohol addiction. And now that you’re able to graduate from the program, the challenge is how to stay away from temptations and avoid relapse triggers.

Sure, you should be very happy – or probably you’re not even sure what you feel because of mixed emotions.

You may be asking yourself how you would be able to start a new life now that you’re going home. Take note that the cravings and temptations are sure to come up and you may be afraid that you won’t be able to stay sober.

There are ways to avoid a relapseRead More