workforce drug testing

2018 Changes In Drug Testing Laws

Workplace drug testing is an issue that continues to cause concern and debate in many industries. There is a clear need to ensure that all workers operate in a safe, productive manner. A workplace free from intoxication through drugs or alcohol. Employers have the right to test those putting others at risk.

But, what about a random screen and pre-employment testing for marijuana and prescription painkillers? Recent developments with drug laws and testing options mean it is time for re-evaluation in some areas.

There are two critical areas of debate right now: marijuana and opioids. Both items have led to pressure on regulators and employers with different outcomes. … Read More

Drug Testing Methods

New Preliminary Drug Testing Methods For Motorists

The legalization of marijuana, either recreational or medicinal, has brought a bunch of celebrations and concerns. The new laws are great news for all those that enjoy the drug in moderation as a pastime, those that see it as no different to alcohol. Then there are those that worry about the implications of legalization and the effect of drug use.

Legalization does not mean that the drug is not dangerous anymore. Much as with alcohol, too much can cause physical and cognitive impairments that can affect the health of the users and bystanders. The worst issue here comes with drug-driving – motorists driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Drug-driving is on the rise in some states, and there is … Read More

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

The Importance Of Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair drug test is one of the most reliable drug testing methods these days. Often, an FDA-cleared hair follicle drug testing system is used to detect the presence or absence of medications in the body because it can reveal drug use for the past 90 days.

Typically, hair testing can reveal the presence or absence of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine (including amphetamines and Ecstasy), opiates, and phencyclidine or PCP.… Read More


Learn About The Significance Of Genealogy Test

Some individuals have particular explanations behind following their family tree.

Others hop into family history research without giving it much thought.

Knowing why individuals examine their progenitors can be a wellspring of motivation and backing for conducting a Genealogy test. This can be especially imperative when the unavoidable barriers and block dividers turn into an element.… Read More

Drug Testing

The Common Myths About Drug Testing

When it comes to drug tests, there’s a lot of myths that people believe that’s true, that’s in fact not true at all. It is important to know the truth around drug testing to make sure that you know the facts from the myths. Here are some of the common myths about drug testing that you should know about.

Not all drug tests are accurate because there are some false positive results

Most of the drug tests that are being done are accurate. The facts are that more than 99% of all drug tests are really the truth. There’s no such a thing as a false positive result.

The reasons for this large number of accuracy, are the technology … Read More

How to Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

How to Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test

Passing a mouth swab drug test or any other drug test is a vital part of getting and keeping a good job in today’s world.  So what do you need to know to pass a mouth swab drug test?

Well first off, understand that the mouth swab test is a short-term drug test. It is the opposite cousin to the hair drug test, which detects only longer-term use, typically from 7 to 90 days.

The mouth swab drug test uses a q-tip to pick up saliva from within your mouth. The lab analyzes your saliva for traces of drugs or other chemicals produced by metabolizing drugs in your system.

So… how do you … Read More

Drug Statistics and Facts

Drug statistics benefit the public by displaying factual evidence that certain drugs are becoming a problem.

Also, drug addiction statistics show the growing trends of drug use which will give us a look to the future. Hopefully, this will help in preventing the rise of drug addiction.

The cost and consequences of alcoholism and drug dependence place an enormous burden on American society. As the nation’s number one health care problem, addiction strains the health care system, the economy, harms family life and threatens public safety.… Read More