Christian Rehab

Christian Rehab Programs

Christian Rehab programs offer professional addiction treatment that is based on the Scriptures.

In addition to regular therapy, these treatment centers help mend the spiritual void left by drug and alcohol abuse.

Christian programs further provide an introduction to living sober through the help of Jesus Christ, and using faith-based principles in everyday life.

A Christian rehabilitation program does not abandon what is effective about secular rehab, and will use medical treatment where appropriate, as well as counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The main difference is the additional use of the scriptures, and the power of Jesus Christ to heal the spiritual destruction of an addiction.

The curriculum is Christ-centered. Both Christian and traditional rehabs emphasize recovery based on God, as it is presented in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, both programs stress the importance of faith as the basis for living clean and sober.

Christian rehab programs incorporate a variety of healing and spiritual approaches that empower recovery from addiction:

Detoxification – The First Step

Patients entering rehab may be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, and these people will need to first undergo a medically supervised period of detoxification.

The rehabs embrace medical science and use all available tools to see an addicted person through this difficult transitional period.

The detox process is the first necessary step on the road to recovery. Patients will be medically monitored and prescribed medications as necessary. Only when a physical dependency has ended can the spiritual healing begin.

In addition to detoxification, many Christian rehabs offer individual and group therapies, Bible study groups, prayer groups and other faith-based groups to compliment the more traditional treatment models.

One of the advantages of Christian drug treatment centers is that the substance abuser will be around like-minded individuals believing in the healing power of God and Jesus Christ. This kind of cohesive group atmosphere focused on spiritual healing is favored by many.

Christian drug and alcohol rehabs approach treatment as not only a physical disease but as a spiritual one as well.

The Bible is considered by Christian rehabs to be a natural resource for people in recovery as well as the source of power to accomplish recovery.

In addition, the foundation of Christian rehab is love and compassion.

Drug And Alcohol Education

Educational programs are a part of all rehab programs, and it is vital that an addict better understands dependency, what happens to the body during dependency, and how best to avoid future dependency.

All rehab centers emphasize educational programs that offer knowledge and strength to the addict, and Christian rehab programs are no exception. Education and knowledge empower the addict and helps prevent relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Rehabilitation increases the chances of recovery by incorporating cognitive strategies designed to change behaviors and help prevent relapse.

Cognitive therapy helps determine the triggers by;

  • teaching needed life skills to avoid these situations
  • teaching coping strategies to use when confronted with triggers
  • calls for personal responsibility and accountability when getting into risky relapse situations.

Cognitive behavioral therapy gives an addicted person the skills needed to stay drug and alcohol-free over the long term, by minimizing temptation.

The Rehab Difference

In the beginning, clients look at their own life choices and behaviors that have to lead up to drug and alcohol addiction.

By taking an honest look at their own experiences, they can clearly see what doesn’t work in their lives.

People come to terms with the fact that despite all their efforts, they do not have the power by themselves to overcome their addiction and destructive behaviors.

The 12 Step program is the most effective path to recovery, and all 12-step programs call for faith in a higher power.

Christian rehabs recognize that this higher power is Jesus Christ and that by faith in God, and surrendering to His will, and a desire to live a better life, recovery is possible.

Scriptures And Prayer

Christian rehabs use prayer as a tool for recovery, and the scriptures are used to give strength to people suffering the spiritual despair of addiction.

The scriptures teach God’s love and that previous transgression are forgiven and forgotten.

Bible scriptures will be used in classes, group study sessions, and for private reflection. The individual will learn how the scriptures apply to addiction and recovery. They will learn to use the word of God for strength and how to overcome any future temptation they may face.

Family Involvement

Christian rehabs emphasize the family element of recovery. Family and loved ones of the addict will be called upon to participate in the process, through group sessions and educational programs.

The Christian recovery process recognizes the strength of a loving and supportive family and church community.

Individual Therapy

Private counseling is offered with a spiritual adviser, addiction specialist or psychologist.

A private therapy session helps the addict to understand their behaviors, and how to use God’s love, prayers, and faith on the road to recovery.

Christian counseling helps an addict surrender their will to God and learn how to use God’s strength as their strength.

Group Therapy

Group sessions between addicts are very effective and can encourage a dependent person they are not alone. They will realize there are many other people facing the same struggles they are.

Christian therapy encourages soul searching for the spiritual void that led to the initial drug or alcohol abuse.

Through fellowship, Christian addicts learn how to use God’s love and strength to maintain a resolve to live drug and alcohol-free.

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are some of the most effective programs for the Christian seeking a life without drug and alcohol addiction.

Only by healing the spiritual can true recovery begin.

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