Holistic Rehab

Holistic Rehab Treatment Programs

Holistic Rehab programs are dedicated to providing a safe and secure rehabilitation environment for the drug and alcohol abuser and their families.

Holistic treatment effectively provides physical, mental and spiritual healing from the devastating effects of substance abuse and dependency.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab programs have a proven history to be life-changing for those who are eager to break the chain of drug and alcohol addiction and get back to a normal life.

Holistic rehabs have the experience to help many individuals control their cravings and addiction for illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol addiction and other substance abuse.

The hallmark of Holistic treatment is its ability to provide a healthy, life-changing environment for individuals to learn the coping skills, which will guide them through the rest of their lives.

Program design is individualized to help patients get through to the underlying issues driving their addiction. Most holistic programs have dedicated and highly qualified doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists who are passionate about recovery.

Holistic treatment engages the mind, body, and spirit by providing a comprehensive and individualized program that builds new lives through individual and group therapy, health and nutrition, and a full range of traditional, experiential, and integrated therapies.

Usually, a strong emphasis is placed on the 12-Step program. Attention is also given to life skills, social skills and having fun, which enhances lifelong recovery.

Holistic Rehab Treatment

Life is a series of decisions. Many have struggled to make sound decisions due to their dysfunctional behaviors.

The goal of holistic rehab is to empower the individual to make good decisions for their lives based upon a healthy self-esteem, serenity, and recovery that the individual will gain from the holistic supportive and therapeutic process.

Addictive behaviors are coping mechanisms used as a way to medicate and escape from pain and a destructive lifestyle. Over time, these dysfunctional behaviors can become a progressive and fatal disease called addiction.

Underneath all of these coping mechanisms are core issues, feelings, and beliefs that are the problems. Holistic rehabs explore, address and process the core issues while empowering the client and teaching them new and healthy ways to live life on life’s terms.

Through a comprehensive and individualized holistic treatment program, the individual is able to identify and address their core issues and causes of their addictive behaviors. Individual treatment plans are developed to help each client achieve mental, emotional, and physical harmony.

Individualized treatment plans will be developed through extensive assessment techniques and tools. These treatment plans will be reassessed and modified regularly based on the needs and issues that arise for the client.

Holistic programs increase awareness and education in their approach to drug and alcohol treatment. They believe that a natural and holistic approach to withdrawal is the most beneficial and effective program for a patient.

Once a patient has detoxed the body, the mind recovers from its need for addictions and the cycle of abuse ends gradually then permanently.

Recovery programs enable clients to enter into society clean, sober and with a new positive outlook on life and themselves.

Recreational and family programs include;

  • counseling sessions
  • therapies
  • awareness programs
  • outdoor activities
  • exercise and meditation

which occupy the patient’s mind and re-direct it into the normal routine of life. Trained counselors and professionals arm the patient with the courage to tackle the challenges of life without the need of drugs or alcohol or medication.

Holistic rehab programs help recharge patients to say “NO” to the stigma of alcohol and drug addiction with full confidence and determination.

These programs teach them skills like communication, ethics, self-control, self-esteem, and the ability to determine characteristics of social and anti-social personalities. All these tactics help the patient to confront and take care of problems on their own.

Annoyance, depression, frustration, irritability, and guilt together are common feelings associated in the world of addiction. This relentless disease threatens and affects not only its victims but also family and friends.

Because of the momentary pleasures of substance abuse, the addicted person usually refuses to seek help. In fact, many times they refuse to believe they need help.

Their denial produces a ripple effect in spouses, children, parents, friends, co-workers, and employers, who all suffer as well, and sometimes an intervention is needed. The disease and its consequence are devastating, but there is hope.

It is known that when family, friends or co-workers come together to help the chemically dependent person realize the damage their addiction has caused themselves and loved ones, that person agrees to treatment more than 90 percent of the time.

Holistic rehab programs are designed to deal with the underlying issues driving the addiction. Treatment is designed to help the individual to establish effective coping skills and get them back into shape physically through proper diet, nutrition and exercise.

Health And Nutrition

An individualized health and nutrition regimen focuses on the re-establishment of an anabolic nutritional state in the body to restore health and vitality and to
counter the catabolic, or destructive, effects of addiction.

Health and nutrition will enhance the client’s sense of well-being and energy levels, to better deal with daily emotional stress and rejuvenate the body’s immune system and physiological functions for peak performance and maximum health.

Physical Exercise

A structured fitness plan will maximize performance during work and play without placing undue stress on the mind and body.

The focus is on strengthening the body through and integration of different fitness components – strength, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, and coordination.

Individualized programming will enable each client to discover their physical potential and the power of harmony and balance between the mind and the body.

This unique holistic approach calms the patient’s craving for drugs and alcohol and proves to be a great therapy for stress release.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The patients, who are diagnosed with more than one drug or alcohol abuse, come under a “Dual Diagnosis Program”.

It is understood that chemical dependency and other disorders have a habit of walking hand in hand, so it is not uncommon for a patient to realize more than one disorder within the body.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs allow recovering drug and alcohol clients the flexibility to work and accomplish recovery goals while residing outside of the inpatient facilities.

Outpatient programs rebuild the confidence within the recovering drug and alcohol abuser. Programs are designed according to the patients’ need and addiction so that he or she gets positive results.

The holistic approach teaches and helps people to function without drugs and alcohol, to handle cravings, to avoid the situations that could lead to repeated drug and alcohol use, to prevent relapse, and to handle relapse should it occur.

Additionally individual counseling, group or family counseling and emergency management can also help patients deal with these problems.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

Long-term residential treatment programs are available for alcohol and chemically dependent individuals.

Holistic rehabs have successfully helped hundreds of patients, who have incorporated a new way to life, thus, remained clean and sober and are now productive members in their groups.

Holistic drug and alcohol rehabs are tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs by treating the person as well as their families.

All this is accomplished in a loving and caring professional environment, which is traditional of holistic treatment.

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated dramatically improved success rates with holistic treatment approaches. Those who are addicted can and do recover!

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