Many people have drinks during conference meetings, events and home parties but hardly anyone gives a thought on how alcohol affects the body.

Excessive alcohol intake during an event or a party may turn the evening into much fun but the morning starts terribly with head rush also referred as hang over.

Now this is merely the short term damage of alcohol. Those people who are regular alcoholics or an occasional person having more than regular drinks at once should be ready for the horrific onslaught of alcohol on entire body and mind.

Men vs. Women

Alcohol is even more harmful for women, and pregnant women should completely avoid alcohol. The chances of women getting diseases like cancer and severe stomach and liver disorders are higher and more commonly occur in female alcoholics.

Their male counterparts are not left out, alcoholism can cause early age heart attack, excessive weight gain, diabetes and a depleted immune system.

Before getting into the bad affects, let’s first take a glance on how alcohol affects the body

Alcohol is quickly absorbed by the blood and in no time disperses to entire body making the drinker feel dizzy and tired.

Many people think that alcohol moves out of body as soon as you pee; however, that is not true!

Although the amount of pee draining through the urinal looks more than normal, the truth is that a good bulk of the alcohol taken freely circulates in the body at least for the next two or so hours depending on the intake and purity of the drink.

A little alcohol is good for the body as it is a quick source of energy, this is the reason for the initial excitement and good moods termed as ‘high’.

Liver Damage

However, excess intake of alcohol is harmful because it seriously damages the liver.

Excessive intake overburdens the liver, requiring it to convert the excess energy into less energetic forms-however this is difficult because the person keeps drinking and drinking.

The result is that portions of it are let out as urine, but a large chunk of the alcohol interacts directly with your organs. This is what makes you feel drowsy, puzzled and stager when it gets to your brain.

It would not be far-fetched to see this as the reason for the morning hangover!

Due to alcohol’s effects on the liver, which is the most important organ of the body involved in removing this and other toxic substances, an alcoholic becomes more prone to health related issues. A defective liver has repercussions on the entire body and this is how the alcohol affects the body bit by bit.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Excessive drinking habits lead in rising cholesterol that leads to blood pressure issues and diabetes.

For regular alcoholics, cancer remains a common disease. Unknowingly, every drop of liquor plays a huge role in overall damage to the body.

When an alcoholic finishes an entire bottle at once, it is just like swallowing entire bottle of poison which by the time turns the occasional alcoholic into a regular one. Once started as a formality, heavy drinking may soon turn into an addiction excessively increasing the body sugar level and fat.

Your Brain on Alcohol

How Alcohol Affects the Body

Over the long term, excess alcohol abuse may have negative impacts on cognitive thinking, concentration, intelligence and may also lead to early onset memory loss and transient amnesia..

Before drinking the last glass of alcohol while ending the party no one thinks of its adverse effects but sooner or later one realizes the major damage happened because of having excessive alcohol even occasionally during any event. Believe it or not, this is how alcohol affects the body and kills the important body systems leaving the body in trouble.

It is always a good this to avoid alcohol completely because if you lose your control over it, then you’re likely to lose your life in the process.

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