Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test

Passing a mouth swab drug test or any other drug test is a vital part of getting and keeping a good job in today’s world.  So what do you need to know to pass a mouth swab drug test?

Well first off, understand that the mouth swab test is a short-term drug test. It is the opposite cousin to the hair drug test, which detects only longer-term use, typically from 7 to 90 days.

The mouth swab drug test uses a q-tip to pick up saliva from within your mouth. The lab analyzes your saliva for traces of drugs or other chemicals produced by metabolizing drugs in your system.

So… how do you pass the mouth swab test?

The 72 Hour Rule for Passing a Drug Test

The rule is that a mouth swab drug test can be passed if you cease and desist in taking any drugs into your system 72 hours in advance of the test. Make sure you eat well and drink plenty of fluids 72 hours prior to taking the drug test.

By doing this you are flushing the traces of drugs from your body and in turn saliva so that when the swab is passed over your mouth then any drugs will not show up in the results.

How to Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

Smoking should be stopped 55 hours before drug testing by mouth swab.

Smoking can make you fail a mouth swab drug test. Smoking has a bunch of chemicals in it and some employers don’t even want smokers. So you should stop addiction but any how It is best to stop smoking 55 hours before taking a mouth swab drug test. The reason for this is although smoking is not a drug the chemicals in smoking can make your test come up positive.

A positive result is hard to defend and in turn will not allow you to get the job. So why take the risk, stop smoking about 55 hours before you take your drug test and start chewing gum and finding replacement activity to calm your nerves.

High fat meals, ice cubes, and mouth wash are possible deterrents for a positive.

Although not necessarily proven people swear by these three actions to help passing a drug mouth swab test. It is important that your mouth is clean when you take a mouth swab drug test. So chew some ice to begin with from a healthy drink and then both brush and floss your teeth before the drug test.

As well, use mouthwash to make sure everything in your mouth including your saliva is clean. Remember though that saliva comes from with in your body so eating a high fat food can help absorb any drug residue in your system. But detoxing and abstinence is still your best bet for passing the test.

Passing a mouth swab drug tests depends on you. If you are willing to do a few simple things to pass your test then you should have no problem passing the screening.

Your best options are not taking drugs for 72 hours and detoxing if you can. This clears your system so that when the saliva ends up on the end of the swab it will pass the screening as clear. It is important to get a good job in this day and age to afford the luxuries you desire.

So take the time to make sure you will pass a mouth swab drug test by following these few simple steps.

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