To succeed in addiction recovery, there are numerous variables that really influence the program.

The influences are divided into two that is factored into the program, as well as factors within the individual patients in the recovery programs.

There is a lot of research going on in regard to determining the factors that contribute independently regain among addicts.

In this blog, we have composed a few of the variables that have been brought out in various studies, including they’re positive as well as negative outcomes they try to predict.

Addiction recovery: length of treatment

The length of treatment in an independence regains program influences a lot. Research on the topic suggests that drug addicts generally will need at most three months to fully recover from any addiction. However, this is not fixed time duration as it might extend, people suffering from a mild addiction need less time that those with a more serious addiction that might need more time.

It’s significant to note that the aspect of relapse is not a real failure to recover all the same it’s an important part of the process. They’re cases where the addicts are engaged I more than one program that is in the series before they fully get better and have regained their total independence. At times the final program may seem to get to them, but that’s not the case always as to get clean and maintaining is rather an accumulation of all the things that they are taught and learn in the rehab attempts.

Important Predictors of Success in an Addiction Recovery Program

The treatment approach used

There so many options in regard to drug addiction recovery. The addicts can be introduced in the 12-step programs or even the resort style rehab location. It has been established that no any single approach will work on it. Moreover, no any option used can work with all individuals as they are all different and will need a range of the option to which works.

With that difficulty there some influences that ensures certain treatment works better in regard to others. The factors include

  • The holistic approach that one address drug abuse, medical, social, legal and psychological problems. It’s effective in regard to approaches based on solely physical addiction.
  • The tailored approach which takes into account each individual specific generally works better in regard to the one-size-fits-all program commonly used.
  • The other factor is combining several approaches to form a hybrid approach. For example medication with therapy does better that the rehab program that only relies on one method to help with addiction recovery.

Desire to recover

From my opinion, this most influential factor in addiction recovery. The willingness of a patient to recover is a very crucial factor in the success of the program. You need to know them, in the reason why they are in the program. Not of the people forced into rehab by the courts or even family will be more successive as they at the time stay at the rehab for long. If the addict seeks the help they will definitely recover quickly as it’s to their desires they get better.

In conclusion, the other factors that will contribute greatly to the success of the program are individual self-admitting of the problem as well as ‘hitting the rock bottom’.

This will however not deter anyone for recovery as even those forced into rehab succeed in the treatment.

The wanting to recover aspect also plays an important role in the journey of trial and error in addiction recovery.

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