When it comes to drug tests, there’s a lot of myths that people believe that’s true, that’s in fact not true at all. It is important to know the truth around drug testing to make sure that you know the facts from the myths. Here are some of the common myths about drug testing that you should know about.

Not all drug tests are accurate because there are some false positive results

Most of the drug tests that are being done are accurate. The facts are that more than 99% of all drug tests are really the truth. There’s no such a thing as a false positive result.

The reasons for this large number of accuracy, are the technology that we’re using today for all kinds of drug tests. There are new methods that can be used for testing drugs, and all these methods are accurate. Don’t fall for the false positive result, if someone near you has been tested positive for drugs.

There are many different products that can cover up the drugs during a drug test

There might be some products that you can use to try to cover up the drugs when you’re going for a drug test, but there are not many laboratories that don’t find these products within the samples or within your blood. The chances to get a negative drug result because you used a product to cover up the drugs, is really slim.

The best is to come clean before the drug test, then you don’t need to stress about using all kinds of products to try to cover up the drugs and to get a negative drug result.

Second-hand smoke can test positive on a drug test

Most testing did by laboratories, will not get any positive drug test, because you had some second-hand smoke inhaled. Most of the tests done are aware of the fact that there might be second-hand smoke involved, but the results for second-hand smoke are significantly lower than smoking it yourself.

The person analyzing the tests will know for sure the difference between a positive result because of second-hand smoke and an actual positive result because of smoking any form of drugs.

Poppy seeds can give a positive result in a drug test

This is partially true. There might be some codeine and even morphine found in poppy seeds. However, there’s still a big difference in the results in eating poppy seeds and actually been using drugs like morphine and codeine.

The limit that might be in your blood because you ate poppy seeds will be a lot lower than when you used drugs, and all the laboratories have a limit that they need to look at before a positive drug test result can be filed.

There are some facts about drug tests that’s really the truth, and then there are some myths about these tests that might even sound stupid. When you’re dealing with drug tests, or you need to take a drug test, for any reason, it’s always better to know the myths from the truth.

More drug test tricks here: http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/.

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