There are at times in life when you feel enough is enough. You feel you can’t put up anymore with your problematic drinker.

Well, it is a global challenge, you are not alone and never feel desperate because there is a help. There are a great hope and strength for alcoholics and those affected by the problem.

Alcohol Anonymous is the help. It is simply a free program that offers professional treatment to alcoholics. It provides high sobriety and support to those affected by alcohol addiction and abuse.

Alcohol Anonymous is not a region centered initiative but rather a global free program that helps alcohol addicts face their alcoholism problems. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith were the co-founders of the program in 1935 that later solidified in 1939.

Alcohol Anonymous

Alcohol Anonymous is not like most common organizations that are run by senior organizations or states. It does not have an affiliation with any organization or state.

It a free-to-join recovery program that helps millions apply the best lessons to their lives for a better future. Everything You Need To Know About Joining AA As long as you are an alcoholic, you got all it takes to join AA.

However, friends or relatives can accede to the open meetings and learn a few things. Membership is free provided you are strong enough to face up to the fact that you have a drinking problem and you acknowledge that.

In fact, when you decide to stop drinking, you are an AA legitimate member when you say you are. Will your Spirituality Affect Your Joining AA?

AA acknowledges and appreciates the fact that people across the world have a different definition of God or a higher power. Therefore, nobody gets discriminated based on their spiritual background.

However, a “higher power” is always recognized. There is always a higher force that is beyond our control. People of all shades of belief are welcome in AA.

In a nutshell, the principles of this sobriety network are spiritual-centered rather than being God-centric.

AA Meetings –  The meeting gives every attendant a comfortable feel.

Alcohol Anonymous

Nobody is going to ask you to say your name and tell the world around you that you are an alcoholic.

The meetings are held in public places such as schools or churches where everyone accesses the services easily. Anyone can attend the meetings unless they are closed.

Their  categories are:

Open Meetings – These are the kind that can be attended by anyone, whether they are alcoholics or not •

Closed meetings – Only attended by alcoholics and prospective AA members

What Happens at AA Meetings?

People share life experiences of what alcohol has done to their lives.

The fact that alcoholics have the rights to retain as much anonymity as they wish makes the recovery experience more satisfying and comfortable.

Several alcoholics share their personal lives and explain how they have made it from living with the pain of alcoholism to a sober lifestyle.

It is a “take what you like and leave the rest” session where you are free to do as you wish. It is upon every single attendant to pick on the lessons that best applies to their life. Pamphlets are provided for free or go at a modest cost to help the alcoholics in the forums.

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